Chevy LS 415 LS3 Drag Race Engine
LS Series

Chevy LS 415 LS3 Drag Race Engine $16,250

Chevy LS 415 LS3 Drag Race Engine Shown With Optional Equipment

Hydraulic Roller Simplicity

Legendary LS Reliability

415/750HP $16,250
Less Carb & Ignition

Hey Guys, It's 2020 You Know And It's About Time Us "Old School Drag Racers" Got With The Program.

If You Asked Me To Build You A SBC That Made 750hp With A Hydraulic Roller Cam And Was Ultra Reliable And Cost Around $15K I Would've Told You Sorry, Can't Be Done.

But In Drag Racing Weight Is King And When You Factor In That This 400lb All Aluminum Engine Performs As Well Or Better Than An 850hp BBC You Have An Obvious Winner! Taking Weight Off The Nose Of Every Race Car Improves Its' Performance And Consistency. Did I Forget To Mention You Can Even Run It On E85? Available Turnkey With No Computer Needed. So Simple That Even Us Old Timers Can Do It!

  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Bore & Stroke
  • Compression Ratio
  • 750 @ 7000 RPM
  • 610 @ 5500 RPM
  • 4.065 x 4.000
  • 12.75 to 1

  • GM Performance LS3 Aluminum Block w/6 Bolt Steel Billet Caps
  • Lunati 4340 Forged Steel Crank
  • Callies/Compstar 6.125" H-Beam 4340 Forged Steel Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Clevite 77 "H" Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Mahle 2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons w/Coated Skirts
  • 1.0/1.0/2.0 mm Ultra Low Drag Ring Set
  • SSRE/Comp Cams Custom Hydraulic Camshaft
  • Hi-Rev Short Travel Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Rollmaster Billet Timing Set
  • AFR 260 Fully CNC Ported Aluminum 12° Heads
  • PAC Racing Hydraulic Roller Springs w/Titanium Retainers
  • ARP High Performance Head Stud Kit
  • GM LS3 1.7 Rocker Arms w/Bushing Trunion Kit
  • Chromemoly 3/8 .080" Wall Pushrods
  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
  • CID Large Plenum Dominator Intake
  • GM Muscle Car Oil Pan w/Full Windage Tray
  • Melling Race Prepped Oil Pump
  • GM Aluminum Front Cover
  • GM Aluminum Rear Cover w/Seal
  • ATI Super Damper SFI Harmonic Balancer
  • Holley Polished Aluminum Valve Covers w/Coil Bosses
  • Complete Assembly Internally Balanced
  • Individually Dyno Tested & Tuned
  • Actual Dyno Sheet Provided
Fuel System Components
Why Buy A Carburetor From Us?

Yes, you can certainly purchase a stock carb from the big mail order companies but we've seen carbs out of the box down on power as much as 40HP and between 15-20HP is common. That's why we disassemble and blueprint EVERY carburetor before we ever bolt it on your engine. We then tune, adjust and jet your carb on your engine so you get every ounce of power that you paid for.

Even if you're considering one of our Engine Kits or simply looking for a replacement carb, the same blueprint work is done and we dyno test it on a comparable engine to yours before it ships!
APD 1050 CFM 4500 Series Carb Package includes: 3 Circuit Billet Carb, Phenolic Spacer, Aluminum AN Fuel Fittings, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned, Jetted and Calibrated on your engine.Image Close$1395
APD "Black Widow" 2" SpacerImage Close$100
MagnaFuel ProStar 500 Billet Gerotor Electric Fuel PumpImage Close$399
ARP Main Stud Kit (Installed Before Block Machine Work) $295
Igniton Components
Ignition Package Includes: (8) Coil Packs, Spark Plug Wires, Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor w/Engine Wiring Harnesses $895
MSD LS Controller (6014) Programmable Electronic Ignition Box (For 24T/58T Reluctor Wheel). Available in Black or Red. $405
Oil Pumps - Oil Pans - Vacuum Pump
GM Vehicle Specific Oil Pan $Call