Chevy LS 454 SHP LS Next Short Block

Chevy LS 454 SHP LS Next Short Block

Chevy LS 454 SHP LS Next Short Block Basic Short Shown

Hand Built & Individually Assembled!
454 LSNext $5,695

Our Ultrastreet Short Blocks Are Designed And Built For The LS Enthusiast That Only Wants The Finest Of Components Along With True Race Engine Level Of Machine Work. Square Milled Decks, Plate Honed Cylinders And Line Honed Main Saddles Are The Extra Touches That Set These Short Blocks Apart.

  • Bore & Stroke
  • Compression Ratio
  • 4.185 x 4.125
  • See Chart Below

Chamber Volume66cc68cc70cc
.040" Gasket11.6511.4111.18
.045" Gasket11.5011.2711.05
.051" Gasket11.3311.1110.89

  • Dart SHP LSNext Block w/4 Bolt Steel Billet Caps
  • SSRE/Scat 4340 Forged Steel Crank w/58T Reluctor Wheel
  • Scat 4340 6.125" I-Beam Forged Steel Rods w/ARP 8740 Bolts
  • Custom Wiseco 2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons w/Coated Skirts
  • 1.2/1.2/3.0MM Premium Ring Set
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Internally Balanced w/Mallory Heavy Metal
  • Professionally Blueprinted and Assembled
Camshaft Installation Package$750
Includes: Custom SSRE/Comp Cam Steel Billet Hydraulic Roller Cam, Cam Thrust Plate & Rollmaster Single Roller Timing Set w/IWIS Chain. Camshaft Installed and Degreed.

Custom Designed Camshaft Profile Based On Your Individual Application.
Package Options
Cloyes 9-3672TX9Z Timing Set w/Single Roller "Z" Chain and Steel Billet Sprockets $125
Callies CompStar 4340 Forged Steel Crank (58T Reluctor Wheel Standard) $250
Callies Dragonslayer 4340 Forged Steel Crank (58T Reluctor Wheel Standard) $1195
Callies Magnum 4340 Fully CW Forged Steel Crank (58T Reluctor Wheel Standard) $1395
Connecting Rods
Callies CompStar 4340 Steel Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts $300
Molnar Power Adder 4340 H-Beam Rods w/ARP 2000 Asymmetrical Bolts $475
Callies Ultra H-Beam 4330M Timken Steel Rods $1095
Pistons - Pins - Rings - Bearings
Custom Diamond/Wiseco 2618 Aluminum Pistons (Any Size or Compression Ratio) $295
Tool Steel "Heavy Wall" Wrist Pins $225
Total Seal Stainless Steel Ring Set (For Boost or High Nitrous) $225
Tool Steel "M2" Rings for Heavy Nitrous $395
Coated Bearing Package $150
Additional Parts - Labor - Accessories
Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.040/.045/.051 Thickness) Each$95
Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.060/.066 Thickness) Each$115