Do It Yourself Complete Engine Kits by Shafiroff Racing
Do It Yourself Complete Engine Kits by Shafiroff Racing Do It Yourself Complete Engine Kits by Shafiroff Racing

Stage 1:

This Stage offers the biggest savings and is designed for you and your local machine shop to do all of the block machine work, crank balancing and final assembly. Why try to piece together a combination when you can purchase this kit and take advantage of our proven combinations with the added convenience of one stop shopping. No delays, no backorders ... every part you need delivered!

Stage 2:

Just like Stage 1, this kit comes complete with the same proven parts and combinations we've developed over the years. We've added all of the precision block machining and rotating assembly balancing for those that don't have the convenience of a local machine shop or can't get the work done in the time frame that you need. With this kit you can literally assemble the engine at home yourself with a reasonable amount of experience and the proper tools!

Stage 3:

Like Stage 2, this kit comes completely machined with the added assurance of our precision craftsman performing the final shortblock assembly. Their decades of experience and access to our precision instrumentation guarantees that the most critical phase of engine assembly is performed correctly! Designed for the racers that may not have the proper tools or measuring equipment at his disposal or is just a little "gun shy" of taking on the responsibility of setting bearing clearances, file-fitting rings, fitting pistons to rods, degreeing-in the camshaft and all the other critical assembly procedures. With this kit you just need to bolt on the heads, intake and oil pan, set the valves and fire it up! It's literally one night's work in the garage and you can save yourself $1000!.

What's Not Included:

• Engine Stand
• Basic Hand Tools And Mechanical/Engine Experience
• Precision Micrometers And Dial Bore Guages (Stage 1 and Stage 2)
• Calibrated Torque Wrench
• Break-in Oil
• Your Time And The Satisfaction Of Doing It Yourself!

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