Brodix 383 Head Hunter Big Block Chevy Top End Kit

Brodix 383 Head Hunter Big Block Chevy Top End Kit $Call

Brodix 383 Head Hunter Big Block Chevy Top End Kit

Brodix 383 Head Hunter Big Block Chevy Top End Kit

You know you need more power but your racing budget can't quite cover the cost of a complete new engine with the latest cylinder heads and valvetrain package. Here's an idea - if you're planning on freshining up your present race engine don't just upgrade your combination ... "convert it" to the latest in cylinder head technology with one of our complete conversion packages. All the major parts you need to make the change with the assurance these parts will all fit and perform to your highest expectations.

We've already done all the homework on our record setting engine combinations. Heads, valve train, intake manifold and custom piston designs that make serious real world horsepower and still deliver the reliability to win races and championships. We do all the math to figure out a package to fit around your present components to make the switch-over as easy and cost effective as possible.

Now you don't have to spend your kids inheritance to run with the big dawgs. Call us for all the details about how we can build a custom conversion package for your old engine or better yet just let us do our popular rebuild special and install your conversion package at no additional labor!!

This Brodix 383 Head Hunter Conversion Package Is Suitable For 565 through 615 Cubic Inches.

Brodix Cylinder Heads

* 383MC / 395 Available

Custom Bore, Stroke and Compression Ratios Available

  • Brodix 383 Head Hunter Fully CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
  • 2.375" Stainless Intake Valves
  • 1.850" Stainless Exhaust Valves
  • PAC Racing Triple Roller Springs
  • Manley Titanium Retainers w/10° Locks
  • T&D Shaft Rocker System
  • Wiseco/Diamond 4.600" Bore 15-1 CR Gas Ported Pistons
  • Total Seal .043" Backcut Moly Ringset
  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
  • Edelbrock Super Victor II Port Matched Dominator Intake (1)
  • FelPro Intake Gaskets
  • ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit
  • Footnotes:
  • (1) Super Victor 565 for Low Deck.
Titanium Exhaust Valves $950
Titanium Intake Valves $950
Rocker Arms
Needle Bearing Tip Option for T&D Shaft Rockers $295