Dart 335/355 Pro 1 Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Dart 335/355 Pro 1 Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads $4,395

335/355 $4,395
Priced Per Pair

We Start Every Custom Build Of Our Cylinder Heads With Brand New Dart Castings And Specifically Selected Components - These Heads Are Never "Factory Assembled"!

Dart applied the same airflow technology developed in their championship-winning Pro Stock engine program to produce these state-of-the-art heads. Every intake port, every exhaust runner, every valve bowl, and every combustion chamber is 100% CNC machined on special dedicated PRO 1 castings. Available in 335 or 355cc versions.

  • Porting:
  • Chambers:
  • Intake Port:
  • Exhaust Port:
  • Intake Valve:
  • Exhaust Valve:
  • Fully CNC Ported
  • 119cc (114cc Available)
  • 1.760" x 2.500" Stock Location
  • 2.000" x 1.740" Raised .300"
  • 2.300" Stainless
  • 1.880" Stainless
  • Valve Spacing:
  • Springs:
  • Retainers:
  • Rocker Studs:
  • Guide Plates:
  • Spark Plug:
  • Standard
  • Manley 1.640" Dual Roller
  • 10° Titanium
  • ARP 7/16"
  • Dart (2) Piece 3/8"
  • 3/4" Reach 5/8" Hex
Porting - Chambers
CC and Mill Chambers to 114cc $175
Springs - Retainers
PAC Racing 1247 Triple Roller Springs - Includes Additional Machining $175
Enduro Style Hydraulic Roller Springs (w/10° Steel Retainers) Deduct$-125
Severe Duty Inconel Exhaust Valves $550
Titanium Intake Valves $950
Titanium Exhaust Valves $950
Rocker Arms
Scorpion Severe Duty 1.7 Aluminum Rocker Arms w/Polylocks $315
T&D Shaft Rocker System Available In 1.70, 1.75 or 1.80 Ratio (Split Ratio Sets No Extra Charge).
Note: Pushrod Clearance Must Be Checked Before Final Assembly.
Machine Rocker Stands (Required For Dart Pro 1 Heads) $125
Needle Bearing Tip Option for T&D Shaft Rockers $295
Intake Manifolds
Many Different Styles Available With Pricing Comparable To "Mail Order" From$250
Gaskets - Fasteners
Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.040/.045/.051 Thickness) Each$125
Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.060/.066 Thickness) Each$145
Intake Gaskets - Many Types & Thicknesses Available From$15
Rubberized Cork Valve Cover Gaskets From$15
Blue Silicone Rubber/Steel Core Valve Cover Gaskets From$49
Ultra Seal Exhaust Gaskets From$22
ARP Head Stud Kit w/Parallel Ground Washers From$239
Dart Inner Valley Stud Kit (Improved Head Gasket Sealing) $95