Chevy LS 415 LS9 Aluminum Long Block
LS Series

Chevy LS 415 LS9 Aluminum Long Block $17,850

Chevy LS 415 LS9 Aluminum Long Block Long Block Priced As Shown

Perfect For Boosted Applications:

• Turbocharged

• Positive Displacement Supercharged

• Centrifugal Supercharged

415 LS9
Dyno Tested
Long Blocks

Best Of Breed! Everyone Knows The GM LS9 Block Is The Strongest And Most Boost Friendly Aluminum Block That GM Offered. We Were Able To Grab The Last (5) New LS9 Blocks Around Before They Wandered Off Towards Extinction. We Stuffed Them With A Manley Crank And Manley's New H-Tuff Rods Designed For 1200 HP Worth Of Boosted Power. We Had Wiseco Make Us Some Heavy Duty Custom 9.75 CR Pistons With Special GFX Steel Rings. We Topped This Short Block Off With Airflow 260 Mongoose Heads Along With Johnson Hi-Rev Lifters And PAC Hydraulic Springs And Titanium Retainers. Bushed GM Rockers Complete This Bullet Proof Cylinder Head And Valvetrain Package. This Engine Comes With Your Choice Of (3) Custom Hydraulic Cams Designed For Either Turbo Charging, Positive Displacement Supercharging Or Centrifugal Supercharging. There Are Only (5) Of These Long Blocks Available And When Ther're Gone They're Gone. Grab One Now For The Best Deal On A Professionlly Designed And Prepared LS Boosted Engine For Your Ride!

  • Bore & Stroke
  • Compression Ratio
  • 4.065 x 4.000
  • 9.75 to 1

  • GM Performance LS9 Aluminum Block w/6 Bolt Steel Billet Caps
  • ARP Main Stud Kit
  • Manley 4340 Non-Twist Forged Steel Crank w/58T Reluctor Wheel (1)
  • Manley 4340 6.125" H-Tuff Forged Steel Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Custom Wiseco 2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons w/Coated Skirts
  • .927 x 2.250" 9310 Tool Steel Taperwall Wrist Pins
  • 1.2/1.2/3.0MM GFX Steel Ring Set Designed For Boost
  • SSRE/Comp Cams Custom Hydraulic "Street Roller" Camshaft (2)
  • Johnson Hi-Rev Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Rollmaster Billet Timing Set w/IWIS Chain
  • AFR LS3 Mongoose 260cc 12° Fully CNC Ported Aluminum Heads
  • PAC Racing Hydraulic Roller Springs w/Titanium Retainers
  • Katech 8740 12mm Hardened Steel Head Stud Kit
  • 3/8" Chromemoly .080" Wall Pushrods
  • GM LS9 7 Layer MLS Head Gaskets
  • Melling Race Prepped Oil Pump
  • GM Performance Muscle Car Pan w/Windage Tray
  • GM Aluminum Front Cover w/Seal
  • GM Aluminum Rear Cover w/Seal
  • GM LS3 Rocker Arms w/Trunion Bushing Kit
  • ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer
  • Holley Valve Covers w/Coil Bosses (3)
  • Internally Balanced w/Mallory Heavy Metal
  • Professional Blueprinted Assembly
  • Individually Dyno Tested With Carb & Intake
  • Actual Dyno Sheet Provided
  • Footnotes:
  • (1) 24T Reluctor Wheel Available
  • (2) Camshafts Available For Turbo, Positive Displacement or Centrifugal Supercharged Applications
  • (3) Valve Covers Available in Black or Polished
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Igniton Components
Ignition Package Includes: (8) Coil Packs, Spark Plug Wires, Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor w/Engine Wiring Harnesses $895
MSD LS Controller (6014) Programmable Electronic Ignition Box (For 24T/58T Reluctor Wheel). Available in Black or Red. $495
Oil Pumps - Oil Pans - Vacuum Pump
GM Vehicle Specific Oil Pan $Call
Holley Muscle Car Retrofit 6 Quart Oil Pan Includes Custom GM Full Length Windage Tray and Holley "Road Race" Baffle Kit $465
Moroso Street/Strip 7 Quart Welded Steel Oil Pan Includes Custom GM Full Length Windage Tray and Baffle KitImage Close$395
Additional Parts - Labor - Accessories
Holley (2) Piece "Chevrolet" Valve Covers.Image Close$Call
C.F.M Breather w/One Way Check Valve For Holley "Exposed Coil" Valve Covers. Available In Chrome Or Flat Black.Image Close$79