Big Block Chevy Forced Induction Drag Race Long Block $21,450

Big Block Chevy Forced Induction Drag Race Long Block Shown With Optional Equipment

You Choose The Configuration!

525-598 $21,450

Our Custom Built Long Blocks Are Ready For Your Choice Of Power Adder. Choose The Configuration And The Individual Parts From Our Extensive List Of Premium Components That Best Suit Your Needs - All Of This At One Great Price!!

Dyno Tested With A 4bbl Carb & Manifold To Break In Rings and Valvetrain, Check Oil Pressure and Verify Cylinder Leakage.

Ready To Bolt On Your Induction System With No Surprises!

  • Bore
  • Stroke
  • Deck
  • CR
  • 4.500/4.530/4.560/4.600
  • 4.125/4.250/4.375/4.500
  • 9.800/9.850/10.200
  • From 7.5 To 12.5


  • Dart Big "M" Block w/4 Bolt Splayed Steel Billet Caps
  • Lifter Bores Machined For .904" Lifters
  • Callies Magnum Plus 4340 Forged Steel Crank
  • Oliver Max Series Steel Billet Rods
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Custom JE or Diamond Forged Aluminum Blower Pistons
  • .205" Wall H13 Tool Steel .990" Pins
  • Stainless Steel .017" Dykes or 1/16 S/S Ring Set
  • Custom Steel Billet Roller Cam
  • .904" Isky Red Zone Lifters
  • Rollmaster Billet Timing Set w/IWIS Chain & Torrington Bearing
  • Dart Pro 1 Fully CNC Ported 355 or Brodix Fully CNC Ported 366 Heads
  • Manley 2.300" 11/32" Severe Duty Intake Valves
  • Manley 1.880" 11/32" Severe Duty Exhaust Valves
  • PAC Racing 1.645" Triple Springs w/Titanium Retainers & 10° Locks
  • ARP Head Stud Kit w/Parallel Ground Washers
  • T&D Shaft Rockers
  • Trend .120" Wall 3/8 Intake Pushrods
  • Trend .160" Wall 7/16 Exhaust Pushrods
  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
  • SSRE/Moroso Custom Stroker Pan w/Windage Tray
  • Moroso Race Prepped Oil Pump w/Tig Welded Pickup
  • ATI Double Keyed Super Damper w/Billet Pointer
  • SSRE Polished Cast Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Internally Balanced
  • Professionally Blueprinted, Assembled & Dyno'ed
O-Ring Block w/Stainless Steel Wire (requires copper head gaskets) $275
Brodix Aluminum Block w/Steel Billet Caps, .904 Lifter Bores and 1/2 Solid Water jackets $4000
HIP® Process (Hot Isostatic Pressing) For Increased Durability With Aluminum Blocks $500
Dart Race Block (Raised Cam) $2000
Dart Big "M" Steel Block w/Compacted Graphite Upgrade $2000
Callies Ultra Billet Crankshaft $2500
Connecting Rods
GRP Aluminum Rods (Includes Required Block Machining And Crank Balancing) $295
Callies Ultra I-Beam 4330M Timken Steel Rods $225
Carillo Pro-H Straight H-Beam Rods $795
Multiphase® SPS-CARR Bolts For Carillo Rods $375
Pistons - Pins - Rings - Bearings
Calico Coated Bearing Package $150
Aluminum Wrist Pin Buttons $150
1.031" H13 Wrist Pins (Availble w/Aluminum Rods Only) $125
Isky Red Zone .904 Solid Roller Lifters w/EZX "Needle Free" Bearing Option $295
Dart or Brodix 380cc Fully CNC Ported Heads $200
Copper Seats $300
Severe Duty Inconel Exhaust Valves $350
Titanium Intake Valves $950
Titanium Exhaust Valves $950
Needle Bearing Tip Option for T&D Shaft Rockers $295
T&D Stainless Steel Rockers (Set of 8 Intake or Exhaust) Per 8$295
Jesel "Original 2 pc" Belt Drive $1145
Milodon Gear Drive (Installed) $995
Oil Pumps - Oil Pans - Vacuum Pump
Moroso "Winged Design" Race Prepped Oil Pump (Requires Pro Pan) $50
Moroso HD Billet Aluminum Oil PumpImage Close$395
Moroso Kickout Style Pro Pan w/Solid Louvered Tray & Main Cap Partitions For Added Power & Oil Control. $250
Moroso Aluminum Pro Eliminator Pan $495