Do It Yourself Base Engine Kits by Shafiroff Racing
Are These Kits For You?
  • You already have many of the small parts and pieces needed to complete the build
  • You have moderate experience with race engine assembly
  • You want to take advantage of all our experience in design and building reliable race winning horsepower!
  • You want to save money!

Or If You Don't Have The Parts To Complete The Engine Build ... Click For Our Complete Engine Kits!

Small Block Chevy SportsmanBase Engine PriceSave Up ToKit Price
434/695HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$11995$3700$8295
434/735HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$13195$3900$9295
434/765HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$14745$4950$9795
Big Block Chevy SportsmanBase Engine PriceSave Up ToKit Price
540/860HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$12995$4000$8995
555/900HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$13345$3950$9395
565/955HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$13950$4155$9795
582/985HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$14745$4750$9995
582/1100HP Sportsman Series SSR20 Drag Race Engine$17495$4200$13295
598/1005HP Sportsman Series Low Deck Drag Race Engine$14995$4500$10495
632/1040HP Sportsman Series Drag Race Engine$16995$5800$11195
Big Block Chevy ProBase Engine PriceSave Up ToKit Price
565/1030HP Pro Series Drag Race Engine$17995$5500$12495
582/1060HP Pro Series Drag Race Engine$18450$5455$12995
598/1075HP Pro Series Low Deck Drag Race Engine$18750$5555$13195
598/1185HP Pro Series Low Deck SR20 Drag Race Engine$23500$5505$17995
632/1115HP Pro Series All Aluminum Drag Race Engine$26995$4500$22495
632/1225HP Pro Series 12° Single 4BBL Drag Race Engine$26995$4800$22195