Big Block Chevy Forced Induction Drag Race Engine
Power Adder

Big Block Chevy Forced Induction Drag Race Engine $49,950

Big Block Chevy Forced Induction Drag Race Engine Engine Priced As Shown Trans & Converter Available Separately

Available As 525/557/572 Same Price!


540/2500+ $49,950

UPDATE - 6.33 @ 226 MPH at Epping!

UPDATE! Mike Just Went 6.51 @ 222 MPH!

Mike Lubniewski, A Local Stand Out Bracket Racer From Division 1 Wanted To Step Up His Game Into Top Sportsman And Came To Us For A Low Maintenance, Consistant And Reliable Engine To Deliver The 2200+HP He Needed. Our Aluminum 540 F1X Procharger Engine Along With A Select Performance 2 Speed Turbo 400 Transmission Gave Him Everything He Needed. On His First Venture Into Competition He Traveled And Raced By Himself (No Crew) And Won The Race Running 6.72 @ 213 mph. Two Weeks Later He Ran The Dutch Classic At Maple Grove And Was Low Qualifier And Runner-Up'd (Broke Out In The Final) With A Best Of 6.63 @ 215 mph. Not Bad For An Almost 2700lb Door Car!

All Of This Performance Accomplished With Our Mild Base Tune-up Intact!

  • Bore
  • Stroke
  • 4.500
  • 4.125/4.250/4.375/4.500

4.500 Bore525"540"557"572"

  • Brodix "HIPPED" Aluminum Block w/4 Bolt Splayed Steel Billet Caps
  • Lifter Bores Machined For .937" Lifters
  • Callies Magnum Plus 4340 Forged Steel Crank
  • GRP Pro Aluminum Rods
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Custom JE Forged Aluminum Blower Pistons
  • .205" Wall H13 Tool Steel 1.094" Pins
  • Stainless Steel .017" Dykes S/S Ring Set
  • Custom 55MM Steel Billet Roller Cam
  • .937" Isky EZ-MAX Lifters
  • Jesel Belt Drive
  • Custom Dart Pro 2 Fully CNC Ported 380 Heads w/Copper Seats
  • Manley 2.300" 11/32" Titanium Intake Valves
  • Manley 1.900" 11/32" Titanium Exhaust Valves
  • PAC Racing 1.645" Triple Springs w/Titanium Retainers & 10° Bead Locks
  • ARP Head Stud Kit w/Parallel Ground Washers
  • T&D Shaft Rockers w/Stainless Steel Exhaust Rockers
  • Trend .165" Wall 7/16 Intake Pushrods
  • Trend .200" Wall 1/2 Exhaust Pushrods
  • Hussey Copper Head Gaskets
  • SSRE/Moroso Custom Stroker Pan w/Windage Tray
  • Moroso Billet Oil Pump
  • ATI Double Keyed Super Damper w/Billet Pointer
  • SSRE Sheet Metal Valve Covers
  • Complete APD Front Mount Gear Drive ProCharger F1X Race Package
  • APD 1200 CFM Blow Thru Alcohol Carb
  • Internally Balanced
  • Professionally Blueprinted, Assembled & Dyno'ed