Shafiroff Racing Drag Race Engines
Shafiroff Racing Brodix Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Priced Per Pair

The BRODIX BB-3 XTRA features valve angles rolled two degrees and fully CNC ported oval ports available in either 351 or 365cc port volumes. Port shape, port velocity, and the latest technology have propelled these cylinder heads to the top of their class.

  • Porting:
  • Chambers:
  • Intake Port:
  • Exhaust Port:
  • Intake Valve:
  • Exhaust Valve:
  • Fully CNC Ported
  • 119cc (114cc Available)
  • Oval
  • Raised .600"
  • 2.300" Stainless (2.350" on 365)
  • 1.880" Stainless
  • Valve Spacing:
  • Springs:
  • Retainers:
  • Rocker Studs:
  • Guide Plates:
  • Spark Plug:
  • Standard
  • Manley 1.640" Dual Roller
  • 10° Titanium
  • ARP 7/16"
  • Dart (2) Piece 3/8"
  • 3/4" Reach 5/8" Hex
  • Porting - Chambers:
    CC and Mill Chambers to 114cc$125
    Springs - Retainers:
    PAC Racing 1248 Triple Roller Springs - Includes Additional Machining$145
    Severe Duty Inconel Exhaust Valves (Marine Use)$350
    Titanium Intake Valves$800
    Titanium Exhaust Valves$800
    Rocker Arms:
    SSRE Stud Girdle w/CNC Machined 2-Piece Valvetrain Stabilizer & Locking Hex Head Adjusting Nuts$250
    Harland Sharp Wide Body 1.7 Aluminum Rocker Arms w/Polylocks (1.75 & 1.8 Available)$375
    T&D Shaft Rocker System Available In 1.70, 1.75 or 1.80 Ratio (Split Ratio Sets No Extra Charge).
    Note: Pushrod Clearance Must Be Checked Before Final Assembly.
    Needle Bearing Tip Option for T&D Shaft Rockers$240
    Intake Manifolds:
    Many Different Styles Available With Pricing Comparable To "Mail Order"From$250
    Gaskets - Fasteners:
    Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.040/.045/.051 Thickness)Each$95
    Cometic MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Head Gaskets (.060/.066 Thickness)Each$115

    Intake Gaskets - Many Types & Thicknesses AvailableFrom$15
    Rubberized Cork Valve Cover GasketsFrom$15
    Blue Silicone Rubber/Steel Core Valve Cover GasketsFrom$49
    Ultra Seal Exhaust GasketsFrom$22

    ARP Head Stud Kit w/Parallel Ground WashersFrom$239
    Dart Inner Valley Stud Kit (Improved Head Gasket Sealing)$95